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Top Benefits Of Custom Rubber Wristband Not To Miss Out

custom rubber wristband

Wearing metal jewelry as a wrist accessory is an outdated custom. In the modern world, people wear a colorful custom rubber wristband to match it with their personality and make their appearance more attractive. Also known as silicone wristbands, these rubber bracelets are inexpensive, flexible, durable, attractive, and can be used in many ways

You can use a wristband as a fashionable wrist-wear, a tool to promote a cause, raise awareness, or as a product promotion accessory. In addition to different colors, the rubber wristbands come in many types. 

Different Types of Silicone Wristbands 

From blank and debossed to printed, there are many types of custom wristbands available at affordable prices. Some of them are:

1. Embossed: These are known for their quick attention-grabbing appearance. The wristband-type comes with a feature to highlight a message and a clipart through a raised text from the surface. One can choose their favorite color and a message to be engraved, and get wristbands in an embossed form.

2. Debossed: These are opposite to their sister bracelet- embossed- and feature a text in a debossed form. In these types, a message is engraved towards the surface. This feature makes them durable and attractive. This type of customized silicone bracelets can be worn for fashion or used to spread awareness.

3. Laser-made: As an advanced form of technology is used here, these custom bracelets can be printed quickly in many numbers. They are high-quality products that can serve a purpose in an effective manner. 

4. Screen-printed: When more than one color is required to highlight a text, screen-printed is the best option. The cost-effective approach allows one to get simple to creative surface-printed wristbands quickly. 

5. Ink-filled: Popularly known as statement-making color-filled bracelets, they are a long-lasting way to spread a word among the masses. In addition, these wrist-wears come in a plenty of color options to choose from.        

6. Dual-layer: As the name suggests, there are two different layers of different colors. Both the sides' colors of these accessories will be different from each other. One can choose a color combo of their choice and get a message imprinted on it.

7. Different sizes: Customized silicone rubber bracelets not just come in different color schemes and text print options but also are available in different sizes. Some most popular wristband sizes include 1-inch, 1/2-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/4-inch. These can be customized to give a unique and attractive appearance. 

Wristband Benefits: Top Advantages of Custom Rubber Bracelets   

Silicone wristbands aren't just a fashion accessory that many people worldwide wear around their wrist to improve their overall personality, but they also help raise awareness and promote a business product or services. Many non-profit organizations working to raise awareness on cancer see these bracelets as cancer wristbands. Apart from that, these wrist-wears pose as an inexpensive way of raising funds, manage events, or promote a business. 

There are several benefits of silicone rubber bracelets. Some of them are: 

Flexible, non-allergic: The wristbands can be customized to make them beneficial for a cause. In addition, anyone can wear them. The bracelets aren't just beautiful, but safe too. Many recent studies have declared them non-allergic and harmless for the skin. 

Cost-efficient: These wrist-accessories are more cost-effective than other fashion accessories for the wrist. Due to the affordability, the wristbands can be worn in many numbers to match them with clothes. Apart from that, non-profit organizations and event organizers can get them to promote their campaigns.

Serve many purposes: From fashion and business promotion to fundraising and awareness, the rubber bracelets can help promote various things. Many event organizers use these wrist-wears as a safety tool and entry ticket. 

Custom made: The wristbands can be personalized to give them a personal touch. For example, they can be customized in a favorite color with a personal message engraved on them. 

Easy availability: Unlike traditional bracelets, one can get the rubber wristbands online. One can make a design of their choice using a color and wristband type they like.   

Final Words

Wristbands are a cost-effective, flexible, non-allergic, and beneficial accessory to serve many purposes. They can be personalized considering the choice and demand. But while designing wristbands online, make sure you choose the right size, type, color, and font color.   

Monday, 30 April 2018

Cancer Wrist Bands: 5 Tips To Customize Rubber Bracelets That Serve Purpose

Silicone wristbands are immensely popular due to their flexibility, use, and cost-effective prices. They can be worn for many purposes, ranging from fashion to product promotion and raising funds. Whatever the reason is, these colorful wrist accessories remain attractive for a long time, thanks to their durability. 

One more reason these silicon bracelets are popular is customization at ease. A Personalized Rubber Bracelet includes a wearer's favorite color, size, and a message. One can customize a wristband in a way that it reflects their personality. Apart from fashion, these bracelets help promote a cause or raise money for an event. The most common and popular are cancer bracelets. Several non-government organizations around the world use these bracelets to make people aware of a disease like this.

What Are Personalized Cancer Wristbands? 

Different from ordinary wrist accessories, wristbands designed to spread awareness about cancer have a purpose to serve. They come in a color specially designated for a type of the disease. For example, a multi-colored bracelet can be customized to tell people about all kinds of cancer. Other colors and their uses are as follow.

  • Breast cancer: Pink 
  • Kidney cancer: Orange
  • Lung cancer: White
  • Brain cancer: Grey
  • Appendix cancer: Amber
  • Cervical cancer: White
  • Colon cancer: Dark blue
  • Leukemia: Orange
  • Stomach cancer: periwinkle 
  • Melanoma: Black

In addition to color, these bands may have a message to spread among the masses.

How To Customize Cancer Wrist Bands? 

These awareness bracelets can help spread awareness and show support to people suffering from the condition. To make the most of wristbands, it is necessary to design them in the right way. Here are some tips to follow while personalizing these bracelets:
1. Size: Wristbands are available in many sizes, and all of them can be used as cancer awareness items. For example, you can choose among sizes including 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1/4 inch. If there's a long message to convey and highlight, a standard-sized (1/2 inch) or extra wide (1 inch) can be an ideal choice.

2. Style: There are various types of styles to apply on a wristband. You can choose one among ink-filled, screen-printed, debossed, laser debossed, embossed, and dual layer. An embossed bracelet will have heightened fonts, while debossed wristbands are with a message engraved in them with a laser. You can choose the type depending on your choice.

3. Color: This is the most important part of a wristband designing process. You should choose a color considering the type of cancer included in your campaign. For example, you should choose a multi-colored band if it's about raising awareness about all types of cancer conditions. A pink color must be chosen if the campaign is about showing support to sufferers of breast cancer.

4. Font Size And Color: A message to be spread should be included on the wristband in a way that it is easily visible. The font size should be large and its color must be easily readable.
5. Store And Services: The rubber bracelets should be customized at a reputed online store that allows you to design the wristband in a way that suits you. There must be all kinds of wristbands in many colors and customization options. Plus, the store's delivery services should also be quick.

Final Words

These awareness wristbands are effective and inexpensive accessories to raise awareness. They help spread a word among the masses if everything about them is just fine. While designing these bracelets online, ensure that the store is giving you the products you are looking for.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Wristbands As a Top Promotional Item – How Can a Marketer Use Them ?

Wristbands have been used as a top promotional item by most of the companies ranging from small organizations to multinational companies. But, why? The obvious reason is their inexpensive price or some different types of situation where they can be effectively used. Companies prefer to utilize these wristbands to promote their brand, logo, the new innovative product being invented or as a gift for corporate events, exhibitions and trade shows. No matter whatever the reason, using a wristband as a promotional product always helps a company in its marketing efforts compared to the usage of other promotional accessories such as the key rings, lanyards or neck cords, etc.

If you're a marketer and looking for some effective ways to use wristbands for marketing & promote your business, here we've compiled a few tips for you. Read on to learn these tips:

• If you're going to attend an event or setting up a booth at a trade show, you should offer Personalized Wristbands to your consumers and clients. Possibilities are that people will wear these given wristbands at least for some time during the event. This way, you can promote your company name as these wristbands will be noticed by people. 

• You can even offer these wristbands as giveaways or gifts to your staff members or employees and request them to wear these bands during your company events, corporate meets, exhibitions, seminars, etc. Moreover, you can also request them to supply to their friends. It will facilitate you in spreading awareness of your company. 

• If you have an offline store, you can keep some Customized Rubber Wristbands at your storefront or checkout counter; embossed with your brand name or company logo. It will help you to grab the attention of your shoppers at your checkout counter. Moreover, you can also permit your customers to carry these wristbands along with them if they wish to. 

• If you're going to attend a public event or joining some gatherings where you're going to meet professionals, suppliers or others who're relevant to your industry field, it is best to attend such events by wearing a custom rubber wristband on your wrist. It will make people aware about your company name, which will further help you to enhance your brand image.

In the end, a wristband is a top promotional item which is more cost-effective compared to other traditional marketing & promotional products. And these afore shared tips are some of the effective ways to utilize bracelets or wristbands to promote your brand. Just keep one thing in mind - “the more effective you use your wristband in terms of customizing it with your message, color combination or company's logo, the more attention your company or brand will acquire. 

If you're looking to buy such wristbands for your next promotional marketing event, you can buy them from Make Your Wrist Bands ( Just visit the site and place an order today.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Why Wristbands Should Be Used In All-Inclusive Resorts?

All-inclusive resorts are popular for offering only one price that covers everything they offer at their resort, including daily meal, drinks, entertainment, fun activities, sports, tips & other taxes. These types of resorts do not demand you to pay anything extra on top of your bill and allow you to enjoy money-saving holidays there.

With so many facilities under one price package, it is necessary for all-inclusive resorts to use wristbands so as to ensure that only paying guests are taking the facilities available. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of using resort wristbands at your all-inclusive resort, including benefits for your employees or resort staff members, enhancing security at the resort, smooth guests’ verification at the resort, and also resort branding enhancement.

Read on to learn some important reasons why wristbands should be used at your all-inclusive resort:

Resort's Facilities Access Identifier

If you have an all-inclusive resort, the usage of a wristband can work as a resort's facility access identifier for your staff. Yes, you read that right! By offering your paying guests with a wristband at check-in, your resort staff can easily monitor who is permitted to access their facilities. It will also help your staff members to stop non-paying guests from entering your restricted resort areas and using the facilities free of charge.

Age Identifier for Special Access 

If you offer alcoholic drinks at your resort, you can use wristbands as a guest age identifier at check-in. Guests over 21 can be provided with a custom silicone wristband with a custom message like ‘Age Over 21’, and it will help your staff to identify that it is fine to serve them alcoholic beverages.
On the other side, you can also utilize wristband to identify access for children in particular age groups. For instance, if a child over the age of six is permitted with an access to a particular pool or water slide, he/she can be allocated with a rubber wristband of specific color so as to differentiate him/her from other younger kids at the resort, and it will also increase child safety at your all-inclusive resort. 

Enhances Guest Management 

Using wristbands enhances your guest management. It removes the need for staff to re-check ID proofs of guests. This way it helps in speeding up the concession lines as well as raising guest spending.

Access Controller to Private Events

If your all-inclusive resort also hosts some special events, like weddings or other corporate events, rubber wristband can help your staff to control access to those resort's private areas where these events are happening.

Enhancing Resort Branding 

When your paying guests participate in other off-resort activities, their customized wristband with your resort’s logo will be noticed by other people they encounter. It will encourage people to start conversations about your all-inclusive resort. Ultimately, it will enhance your resort branding.

Moreover, people often keep their wristbands with them as a memory of their vacations at an all-inclusive resort.  By offering your guests with custom wristbands with your resort's logo, you may find guests sharing their experience with relatives, friends and other family members back home. And there is nothing that can work much better than this effortless word of mouth advertising for your all-inclusive resort. 

In short, a wristband is an effective, easy-to-use and cost-effective tool to identify your guests at your all-inclusive resort or hotel. Most of the all-inclusive resorts prefer custom silicone wristband bands to ensure that only their paying guests are taking the benefits they have paid for. To know more about the benefits of wristbands for your all-inclusive resort, talk to Makeyourwristbands today! 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Best Way to Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight - Motivational Rubber Bracelets

It’s quite a few days since the start of the new year. How’s that gym membership working out for you? Is it not? After just a few days, how do you lose your resolve of working out till you get fit? Well, the answer is the motivation. Without the right motivation, we are bound to lose interest and thus go back to square one and the right motivation is easy to find. Music does help but you don’t have inspiring music playing everywhere around you at all times, neither is your personal trainer around you everywhere. So how does one goes out and actually find the right motivation that never fizzles out?

The best answer we found out to be was a customized rubber bracelet. With a customized wristband in your arm flashing you messages which you know always hit the right place you’ll never lose motivation. A great way to find the lost motivation, wristbands will never leave your side. With their sturdy design and their ability to hold on for longer periods of time on your arm without feeling heavy or distracting, you can wear your motivation at all times.

The last push up that you do will keep showing you to do ‘Just one more!’ via your wristband sitting firmly on your wrist. The same happens when you’re sitting in your bed. Just seeing the ‘Today will be better’ wristband, the hope and motivation all come back to pump you up and give you the immense energy you need to go through that final workout.

Rubber bracelets are a great way to make you realize why you were fighting in the very first place. That initial spark will be kept alive in these wristbands and be making a fire out of this isn’t that tough of a deal. You just need a schedule that incorporates workout into it. The wristband can remind you of going through those first 30 days of non-habitual deterioration of your laziness. Getting them built isn’t a tough task either.

To make your own wristbands simply go to to look at the options available to you. The vast variety of available choices will revive the child inside you that knows what makes you ’go’. Find the right size for your wristbands and get it embossed, de-bossed, laser cut or ink filled. Go crazy with the bright colors so it’s visible to you from everywhere and place your order. Then wait until you hold your weapon of motivation in your hands. Once within your grasp, you will be reminding yourself to hit the gym whenever you find the time and go out and look at your wristbands.

It can also be the testament to how you defeated laziness and be worn as a sign of pride thus reminding you to never let the precious habit you have attained go.

So let the motivation stare you in your face and embrace the hard working part of yourself which is trying it’s best to come out and give you the fit and healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Get Yourself Involved in National Cancer Prevention Month

Cancer, a term feared by most people and rightly so. Then numbers scare us out of our wits. In US one of 3 people will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime. Every year half a million people die from cancer, a number too staggering to believe. Yes, cancer is rooted that deep in our society. There have been efforts, research and had been trying to be reckoned with but it has been impossible to cure cancer. All the efforts we’ve put in yet, only leads toward a degraded body and a restricted lifestyle; nothing more. No matter how hard it has been tried, no one has been able to find a cure. 

To realize that there is such a dreadful monster existing within us and we don’t know how to slay it is just terrifying. Hence to create awareness and make people recognize the evil that is cancer, and to help prevent it, every year in the second month i.e. February, we look at cancer for what it is and how it can be prevented. You must have seen people wearing cancer wrist bands which are worn for the same reason; awareness. To raise awareness you must know how to prevent cancer yourself which you can then share and help pull out at least one person in your circle who’s following this dark path. So start with:

Knowing what can affect you

Understand your personal risk factors. Know what is needed to be included or excluded in your lifestyle to cut out the risk factors. Cancer doesn’t arrive randomly wearing a custom rubber wristband that says ‘I am here’. There are several lifestyle choices that you make that affects your health. Understanding what these are will do half the job. With the risk factor below the danger line, you will start feeling better for cancerous choices breed cancer.

Meet your doctor regularly

Cancer breeds quietly. It is difficult to notice in its early stages and does most of the damage due to its nature of being inconspicuous. Hence looking out for oneself by proactively making doctors appointment will help you to find cancer in its crib where it can be slain easily. Doctors can also assist you with the information you think is necessary to be shared. Tell your doctor the risk factor that are a part of your life and how they can be curbed. Have a scheduled meeting with the doctor once a month.

Add a healthy habit

From walking in the evening to shaking your leg, you have attained all these habits. Your habits were once activities you liked doing. Once they become a part of your life, they are incorporated for a long time. Obtaining new healthy habits will not take long either. According to a research, doing something for 21 days regularly will end up being a habit. So for next 21 days, find a healthy habit and fall into it. It could be as small as drinking 8 glasses a day to as big as the daily workout of 30 min. All these activities will keep a check on your body’s total health.

Involve a friend

When two friends follow a habit, it sticks. When 3 friends do, it becomes a rule. And between friends, if more than 4 friends decide something, it becomes the law. So involve your friends. The best way out to promote and involve family and friends is to first let the idea gain visibility. Wear personalized rubber bracelet that’s in support of cancer prevention month, keep posting cancer awareness articles on social media. Let them come up and question you about the same and then you can let them know about it and ask them to research about the same. Promoting a good health is in the interest of everyone.

Finally assist those in need

Cancer drowns out more than just life. It affects more people than those suffering from it. It has the power to destroy families, career and the sheer human will. Hence find out those who are facing this monster and let them know you are with them. Let them know that you are keeping it off from your life and saving lives of people around you. Let them know you are there and welcome them back into the society with open arms. Cancer might be a monster, but everything dies, even monsters.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Use Customized Wristbands For Children's Safety

Providing a safe environment and putting preventive measures into practice is very important for the safety of children. There are a large number of different ways using which you can keep your children's safe.

One of the best way with help of which you can keep your children's safe is by using wristbands. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of durable, waterproof, and non-transferable customized wristband available in the market. You can get these bands in different patterns and color. Customized wristbands for child safety is the cost-effective and easiest way to protect them. If you are going out for attending an event with your children's where there is rush then you can write your contact information on that band and give it to your children's to wear them for their safety. 
Customized Wristbands

Children's easily wander away from the group, risking their safety. To help ease parents and for the protection of children's customized wristbands are used. These customized wristbands have a designated area to write an emergency contact number and guardian's name for the safety if in case a child gets separated from the group.

Safety customized wristbands are an ideal choice for temporary identification of children's in the environment where they can be separated from the group or parents. Wristbands are also used by schools for children's safety. As various field trips for students are organized by schools, and very often the places they visit are chaotic and crowded.

To further help children stay organized and safe, consider writing their school bus number on their wristband, and attach it to their wrist, backpack, or other personal belonging for an easy daily reminder. Our Tyvek wristbands are available in over 100 designs and color combinations to match any event or purpose, and you can utilize different colored wristbands– such as yellow, red, and green– to categorize children in different groups or with different needs.

Why choose make your wristbands? 

We provide high-quality of latex-free silicone wristbands which are comfortable to wear and do not cause any allergy. Moreover, on bulk purchase of a customized wristband, we offer affordable prices and attractive discounts.
  • Fun special effects such as swirled, glitter, segmented colors, or glow in the dark
  • No mold fee on any quantity
  • Free shipping, artwork, design, and color matching
  • No minimums on selected wristband styles
  • Tons of colors and eye-catching color combinations to choose from
  • Ultra-convenient rush orders, which can get to you in as little as 24 hours
  • You can have your order in five to seven business days
Our 24/7 expert team members are always there to help customers. Here you can purchase products of all different size and designs with fast delivery options. 

Top Benefits Of Custom Rubber Wristband Not To Miss Out

Wearing metal jewelry as a wrist accessory is an outdated custom. In the modern world, people wear a colorful custom rubber wristband ...